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 Brief Explanations of Some Biblical Terms
 - Associated with the Gospel of the Water and the Spirit


  • The Representative of the Human Race
  • Referring to John the Baptist, Jesus said, "Assuredly, I say to you, among those born of women there has not risen one greater than John the Baptist" (Matthew 11:11). This means that John the Baptist is the greatest of all the people of the world born of women. John the Baptist, born of Zechariah and Elizabeth, descendants of Aaron, was purely a man of the household of Aaron. According to the Law of the Old Testament, priests could come out only from the household of Aaron, and it was among these priests that the High Priest was consecrated and served in the Tabernacle.

    The most important of all the works that the High Priest performed was to give the offering that remitted all the sins of the people of Israel, once a year on the Day of Atonement. On this Day of Atonement, the High Priest, as the representative of the people of Israel, laid his hands on the head of a goat and thereby passed all their sins onto the goat. Like this, John the Baptist, a man of the household of Aaron, was consecrated by God as the High Priest, and passed all the sins of humankind to Jesus Christ by baptizing Him, which was a form of the laying on of hands. Jesus raised John as the representative of the human race. Why? Because John was a descendent of Aaron the High Priest, the Elijah to come whom the Prophet Malachi had prophesied, and the prophet who passed all the sins of humankind onto Jesus. Jesus had come to this earth as the Lamb of God to save humankind from the sins of the world, and for this there had to be a representative of mankind, a High Priest from the household of Aaron. This was none other than John the Baptist.

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