" Freely you have received, freely give " (Matthew 10:8)


 Brief Explanations of Some Biblical Terms
 - Associated with the Gospel of the Water and the Spirit


  • Sin
  • Everything that is opposed to God is sin. This refers to all sins, including the original sin and trespasses that we commit throughout our whole lives.

    Sin is 'hamartia' in Greek. And its verbal form is 'hamartano,' which means 'to miss the mark.' Hence, one of the most serious sins is to incorrectly believe in Jesus, and thus lack the ability to be saved. To neither know nor believe in the truth is to commit the sin of disobedience and to blaspheme against God.

    If we truly do not want to commit such a sin before God, we have to understand His words correctly and realize the truth that Jesus has become our Savior.

    We should believe in the baptism of Jesus and His Cross through the words of God. It is a sin not to accept the Word of God, to deviate from the truth, and to believe in false theories.

    The Bible tells us that the most serious sin, 'the sin leading to death' (1 John 5:16), is not to believe that God washed away all the sins of the world. We have to believe in the birth of Jesus, in His washing away of sin through His baptism, and in giving us life with His blood on the Cross. It is a sin if one does not believe in the written words that Jesus was baptized, died on the Cross and was resurrected to free us from all our sins.

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