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Many a time mankind has seen the effects of history repeating itself.
Pastor Jim Montgomerie    [email]    ( Netherlands ) 2015-03-24     Views : 17114     Touched : 1426
Many a time mankind has seen the effects of history repeating itself.
When the Edict of Milan was introduced, Rome decided to return all the confiscated and stolen goods and properties to the Christians, but there was a catch. They had to adjust their Christian beliefs and teachings to suit the whims of Rome. By doing this they believed they could live a safe life and still practice their Christian faith. Because they chose the easy way out, over the years the true gospel of the water and the Spirit was forgotten. What they did not realize at the time, making peace with Rome for the wrong reasons closed the doors for them to the kingdom of God.
How many people and worldly Christians today are doing the same thing. Worldly Christianity is bowing down to the whims of governments, being forced to use re-written Bibles, and being manipulated into committing the abominations which God abhors. And all of this in the name of freedom.
Here in Holland where I live the Bible has been removed from the houses of parliament, and the people are being forced to accept and commit everything which God hates. Here history is repeating itself. Because the people have chosen to accept the easy way out and the quiet life, the gospel of the water and the Spirit is poorly accepted here, and therefore the doors to the kingdom of God are closed for many. Here the worldly Christians believe the same way the Christians did at the time of the Edict of Milan. They believe in God any way the government and the Churches tell them to, so much so that the Christians keep changing Church until they find one where they can hear what they want to hear.
Pastor Jim Montgomerie, Netherlands


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