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Thankyou in the name if Jesus Christ for the Word concering true belief.
Aneka Simons       ( United Kingdom ) 2012-05-28     Views : 64197     Touched : 8894
Thankyou in the name if Jesus Christ for the Word concering true belief.
When I first heared the gospel of the Water and the Spirit, I clung to it because it took away my guilty conscience before God.
But as I listened to the gospel more and more, God made it realized in my heart that even if i didnt practically commit sin, I was still deserving of hell. Even if I had lived a 'good' life, I still would have had sin in my heart because I was a decendant of Adam. It was realized in my heart that there was no good in me atall. All that I had ever done was pretent to be good. I only knew the hypocrisy that was covering my sinful heart after I believed in the gospel of the Water and the Spirit.
When I realized my sinful self that was destined for hell, this is when I was truly born again of water and the Spirit, I could thank God for saving me from such a destiny once and for all.
I cannot thank God enough for letting me know my true nature. It is only because I know myself that I can accept & believe in the Savior Jesus Christ. If I did not know myself according to the word of God, then I would not see the need to believe In Jesus. But it is only because God shown me my sinful state, that I could believe in His righteousness that saved a sinner like me & made truly born again, sinless in heart by His Baptism.
Praise God for loving us and saving us through Jesus Christ. Amen
God bless you Pastor John
Your sister in Christ
Aneka Simons, UK


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